Western China headquarters Profile of the European Information and Innovation Centre (EEN)

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The European Information and Innovation Centre (EEN), founded by the European Commission, which is established by the 1987 European Information Centre (EIC) and the 1995 European Innovation Center (IRC) in 2008 merged to form, and is designed to provide SMEs technological innovation, the transformation, economic and trade support services such iconic institutions, is the world's most extensive coverage, the most influential service platform. The EEN covering 53 countries around the world, with more than 600 technology transfer and business cooperation organizations, including national, state, regional, municipal economic development agencies, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, R & D institutions, universities, research centers and innovation centers, as well as over one million SMEs; geographic regions outside of the EU countries, including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, the United States, to Israel, Russia, Japan, Mexico and Chile and other countries.

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In April 2011, the EU project innovation center (EUPIC) has been approved by the European Commission, the establishment of the European Information & Innovation Centre (EEN WEST CHINA) in western China headquarters in Chengdu, approve of coverng 10 provinces, including Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, and Gansu. EEN agency western headquarters' set up will facilitate China's western enterprises to deepen the understanding and exchange of information on the European market, continually tap potential for cooperation between China's western and European enterprises, to help the western region of SME development, market development, the introduction of capital, new products, technologies and personnel to promote positive interaction between business and government, and built a platform of direct exchanges and cooperation between China and European countries SMEs.

EEN's professional services

EEN has over 3000 experienced staff to provide you with the native language services, and covers 17 major areas of professionals to provide you with customized services:

- Agri-Food

- Automotive, transportation and logistics

- Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic

- Chemicals

- Creative industries

- Environmental

- Health

- IC testing industry and services

- Smart Energy

- Maritime transport and services

- New materials

- Nanotechnology and Micro Technology

- Services and retail trade

- Space and space technology

- The sustainability of construction

- Textile

- Tourism and cultural heritage

EEN for Chinese enterprises to receive benefits?

1, business cooperation and internationalization of the firm

EEN network consists of more than 1 million European growth SMEs, to absorb a large number of innovative companies that can stimulate new and innovative concepts, and every week hundreds of companies have joined, making doing business with the database is the world's largest database one. EEN network, the network members have access to relevant information on the EU market, including the tender information, the public areas of procurement information, business information, scientific and technological research and development information, EEN + import and export growth, the prosperity of the technology research and development activities, as well as to help SMEs in-depth understanding of the future market and strengthen cooperation provide favorable guarantee. When you join the EEN will be based on your intention to cooperate in the database to find the right partner, you will receive updated information of the enterprises in the same field are interested in commercial cooperation. A wealth of resources to help Chinese SMEs to establish business partnership.

2, innovation and technology transfer

Through the use of Europe's largest database of cutting-edge technology, which consists of 13,000 projects, EEN + brings together the research and trading applications to help enterprises to establish technology partnerships, and to make China an innovative enterprise seeking to achieve the technological innovations and technology transfer to provide a solid platform.

3, access to various loan way

Help to assess the situation of corporate finance, and find the right way, venture capital and loans, public financial support, tax credits in three ways.

    ① venture capital and loans: suitable for start-ups, in the departure stage or growth stage companies. EEN strict inspection and training use planning through business enterprises and investors, angel investors, venture capital firms, and banks further contact.

    ② public financial support for: EEN experts communication can enable enterprises to learn how to obtain the permission of public funds into research and development, innovation, investment, consulting, employment, training, or export.

    ③ tax credit: Another way to obtain funds. EEN network through a local branch, the R & D, investment or recruitment of staff the opportunity to learn in their own way on the tax credits.

4, research institutions and enterprises to participate in the EU R & D program

The EEN experts will help companies analyze their needs, potential and contact the appropriate partner of the successful projects for the enterprise. And to provide enterprises with the opportunity to participate in the EU Seventh Framework Programme. (The program has a budget of 50.5 billion euros, and continued from 2007 to 2013, of which € 1.3 billion specifically for small businesses). EEN can do:

    ① understand the technology, to determine the potential demand and funding possibilities;

    ② to help businesses form the main thrust of the project;

    ③ is looking for partners;

    ④ to enhance the proposed book writing and project management skills;

    ⑤ to help businesses reach a cooperation agreement.

views on EU laws and standards

EEN to provide the latest European guidelines, regulations and standards, public tenders, trade and loan opportunities, the most useful information; inform the EU new laws and regulations, bidding opportunities, trade-related policies and programs and How can the benefit of them.

6, intellectual property and patent information and advice

EEN can provide information and advice on intellectual property and patents, and close cooperation with professional bodies to help small businesses to use the intellectual property rights to protect and profit in their own ideas and innovation.